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“Your children are not your children, they are children of life”


From: The Prophet

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Secrets of a Long and Happy Marriage: Free downloadable lesson

Here I reblogged a funny and helpful lesson for PreIntermediate students, have a look and try it!


A free downloadable lesson, based around an authentic video. Selma and Kenny couldn’t be at their grandson’s wedding, so they recorded a toast- and some advice.

Suitable from PreIntermediate/A2+, the lesson starts with some discussion about marriage before students are asked to give their ‘top tips’ for a successful marriage.  They then watch the video and compare Selma and Kenny’s advice with their ideas.

The video is quite easy to follow, though the couple do talk over each other at times (there is a transcript). It’s funny and quite touching.

There is then a  focus on idioms connected with love and marriage, and then we look at some of the ways Selma and Kenny use imperatives to give advice. Students can then use this language to reformulate their original pieces of advice.

Download lesson plan PDF hereELT Resourceful – Secrets of a Long and Happy Marriage

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Law & Order: UK Lessons in British Justice – Youtube



Awesome video that I reblogged from http://www.facebook.com/AngloCentro (Uruguayan Institute) but actually it is from BBC’s Youtube Channel. Don’t miss it!






…and then, just out of the blue, the horses started arriving on the beach in front of the house, waiting for something.

Idiom: out of the blue

If something happens out of the blue, it happens suddenly and unexpectedly.
From: http://www.usingenglish.com

horses at the beach

Creative Examples Of Street Art That Will Blow Your Mind | Your Amazing Places


Idiom:”blow your mind”

Something that will blow your mind is something extraordinary that will amaze you beyond explanation.
From: http://www.usingenglish.com/

Creative Examples Of Street Art That Will Blow Your Mind | Your Amazing Places.

Word of the day: “MALNOURISHED”

Malnourished children, weakened by hunger

Malnourished children, weakened by hunger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

malnourished {adjetivo}

 malnourished {adj.} (también: undernourished)

 desnutrido {adj. m}

 malnourished {adj.} (también: undernourished)

 desnutrida {adj. f}

Communist misrule has ensured that the malnourished people are left out in the cold and are deprived of proper medical care.

El desgobierno comunista ha dictaminado que se abandone en la calle a la gente desnutrida y se le deniegue la debida atención médica.